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TraxOne for Regulated Markets

Finally, a CBD-friendly digital ad solution

TraxOne delivers digital ads via age-gated publishers, meeting all federal regulations to give your brand access to mobile advertising for the first time.


Your ad options are limited by federal GUIDELINES.

Federal regulations require your brand to advertise only on channels where a certain percentage of the population can be reasonably expected to be of legal age. The problem is most major ad players like Facebook and Google aren’t ready to pull the trigger and allow cannabis and CBD advertising, leaving you in the dark ages of advertising.

Mass media is an option,
but it’s a bad one.

You’re left with traditional mass media, like print ads and billboards. There’s a reason nearly every other industry has pivoted away from these outlets – they’re immeasurable, expensive, and untargeted.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Hyper-Targeted
  • Measurable
  • Age-Gated
  • Social Access
  • Location-Gated
  • Wide-Reaching

TraxOne gives you access to digital advertising for the first time.

TraxOne overcomes compliance hurdles and meets all federal and state regulations. We deliver interactive digital ads through age-gated publishers, giving you access to a range of audiences. No longer are you limited to reaching the stoner who reads High Times. Now you can target the affluent, sophisticated smoker who traded in her happy hour cocktail for a post-work smoke.

Did we mention we can get you on social media?

We pair our digital ads with a proprietary social campaign manager that puts your message in front of customers via first-hand endorsements. Your brand loyalists and niche influencers share pre-approved, branded content with their following in exchange for loyalty points, empowering you to reach new consumers on social while meeting federal regulations.

Upgrade your media strategy

The CBD market is rapidly evolving – are you falling behind? Schedule a free 30-minute assessment with our cannabis and CBD ad experts to see if your brand is qualified for the TraxOne platform.